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MYA serves the needs of 9 fast growing sports programs: Soccer, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track & Cross Country, Volleyball,Wrestling and Flag Football. These programs provide the opportunity for over 5000 boys and girls to play sports supported by over 500 parent volunteers.



Registration is available for all children from kindergarten through high school. MYA believes that no child should be left behind when it comes to playing sports so all kids who register for any of the MYA sports are placed on a team and will play.



Established in 1954, MYA operates through a volunteer Board of Directors. Each of our sport programs are represented on the Board together with 7 executive officers and up to12 other at-large members from the community. MYA is a volunteer cooperative effort of the McLean community, dependent on volunteers to serve as Board members, coaches, referees & coordinators. Parent volunteers continue to be the foundation of this important McLean community organization, we are focused on the healthy development of our children through athletic activities.


Who We Are

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