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McLean Youth Leader Scholarships

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McLean Youth Athletics (MYA) is committed to promoting leadership, sportsmanship, and responsibility for all the youth who participate in our sports programs.  Each year many of the middle school and high school boys and girls who began as MYA players take leadership roles, such as coaches, referees, administrators, or volunteers, within one or more MYA sport programs.  To recognize the achievements of these youth, MYA annually awards Youth Leader Scholarships to local high school juniors and seniors who have enhanced their MYA participation by seeking opportunities to assume leadership positions within the organization.  Our Youth Leader Scholarship program is designed to acknowledge and reward those MYA participants who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and responsibility by giving back to MYA and to the McLean community.




-  The MYA Youth Leader scholarships are financial awards presented to boys and girls who meet the following criteria and are selected by the MYA Scholarship Committee:

-  Participated as a player in one or more MYA sports programs;

-  Are currently a high school junior or senior;

-  Served as a coach (assistant or head), referee, administrator or volunteer in one or more MYA sport programs;

-  Exhibits exemplary behavior including leadership, sportsmanship & responsibility during their participation in MYA sports and in their daily lives; and

-  Submits a complete application (described below) in a timely manner.


Application (Required Information)


Name, Address, Age, Telephone Number & Email address;

High School, Current Grade Point Average & Graduation Date;

Involvement with MYA Sport Programs


Participation date(s)

Role(s) (indicate as player, coach, referee, volunteer, etc.);

One-page essay describing the impact that MYA participation has had on your life; and,

One letter of recommendation; preferably from an MYA affiliated individual who can attest to applicant’s leadership skills in MYA activities.  


All of the documents required to apply for the scholarship are generated by the applicant.  Please submit applications by email only to William (Chris) Horrigan at wchorrigan@verizon.net.  Only complete applications emailed between the acceptance and deadline dates will be accepted.  Applications without all of the required information will not be considered.   


Applications Accepted: January 1, 2017

Deadline: February 17, 2017



Applications will be judged on the extent of their MYA leadership activity, their overall participation in MYA programs, the quality of their submitted essay, and documentation of their leadership skills as expressed in their letter of recommendation.  

The recipients will be announced at the McLean Youth Basketball March Madness celebration on March 05, 2017. In addition, each recipient will receive a commemorative plaque and the individual’s name will be added to a permanent plaque that is maintained at the McLean Community Center.


Questions should be sent to William (Chris) Horrigan at wchorrigan@verizon.net.

2013 Awards

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McLean Youth Leader Scholarships 2013

Six students from the McLean area have been awarded McLean Youth Leader Scholarships by the McLean Youth Athletics (MYA) organization.  The awards were announced at MYA’s annual March Madness ceremony on March 9, 2013 at McLean High School.  Joel Stillman, president of MYA, said the scholarships are presented to youth athletes in our community who have demonstrated broad participation in MYA sports as well as leadership and sportsmanship qualities that MYA strives to instill. He said, “The scholarships are not awarded to individuals who just play MYA sports but are awarded to those who coach, referee, and participate in other youth sport volunteer activities.”


Scholarship recipients include McLean HS juniors Alexa Kirby and Laura Salt, McLean HS senior Aaron Ahlgrimm, Thomas Jefferson HS senior Michael Goodson, and Langley HS juniors Tim Kostelancik and Quan Pham (Matthew Paul Horton award). Alexa Kirby and Laura Salt have won Coach of the Year in 2011-12 for coaching girls basketball.  Alexa has coached for 2 years and played in McLean basketball for 9 years.  Laura has participated in MYA sports including basketball, soccer, field hockey and volleyball and was a girls basketball coach for 2 years.Being an active basketball and soccer player in MYA, Aaron Ahlgrimm also coached basketball and was commended for being “one of the most dependable and responsible student referees” for McLean Youth Basketball.Thomas Jefferson HS senior Michael Goodson has participated in multiple sports in MYA for 13 years, coached 6th and 7th grade boys basketball, and was winner of Coach of the Year this year.


Tim Kostelancik played soccer and basketball for nine years in MYA and was a soccer referee for 3 years.  He was commended for his maturity, dedication, drive, sportsmanship  and leadership.


Quan Pham was the recipient of the Matthew Paul Horton scholarship award.  Emily Horton of McLean who presented the award said that Quan was selected for displaying solid leadership and sportsmanship qualities but must, most of all, for consistently demonstrating unselfish play for the good of the team.  Quan has been playing basketball and soccer in MYA for 12 years and was a soccer and basketball referee.  He also has been a volunteer and assistant director for the TOPSoccer program, part  of McLean Youth Soccer, since 2010.


At the ceremony, plaques and trophies were handed out to Coach of the Year recipients and MVP players at each age group for the 2012-2013 basketball season.

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From left to right: Joel Stillman: President MYA, Robert May: Matthew Paul Horton Award, Kate Callahan, Patrick Gallagher, Elise Koehl, Danny Kostelancik, Arjan Peters, and Emily Horton: Presenter of the Matthew Paul Horton Award.

2014 Awards

2012 MYA Awards Six $500 Scholarships to Youth Leaders

all winners

2012 Scholarship Winners from left to right- Emily Horton (Mathew Paul Horton Award Presenter), John Foust (Supervisor Dranesville District), Alex Hedrick, Kathleen Mulligan, Christine Harris, Katherine Hardock, Matthew Lewis, Amelia Meyer (Mathew Paul Horton Award), and Joel Stillman (President MYA). (click to zoom)