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Auxillary of the Boys Club operated a snack bar and sponsored a fund raising fashion show. The Club became a major catalyst for many youth athletes to learn and improve their skills to play varsity sports at McLean and Langley High Schools.

In 1974, McLean Youth, Inc. (now McLean Youth Athletics, Inc.) was formed through the merger of the McLean Boys Club and the McLean Youth Athletic Association. The purpose of the merger was to coordinate and optimize the operation of youth sports in the McLean community through better utilization of field management, coaching and administration. In addition, it was envisioned that MYA would foster and implement new ideas for youth activities and recreation. New ideas that have become programs through MYA include girls’ volleyball, wrestling and field hockey.

McLean Youth Athletics - a long history of fostering youth athletics in our community.

In 1954, a group of McLean residents formed the McLean Boys Club to promote youth sports in their community. The American Legion Post 270 located on Balls Hill Road, provided the use of its buildings and grounds free to the club. The Legionnaires joined the club in transforming the Legion’s grounds into playing fields to host the first sports programs. The Club offered 4 sports programs – football, baseball, basketball and track to boys between the ages of 7 to 17. A minimal registration fee was required to participate, and 3 major fundraising events were held each year to balance the Club’s operating expenses.


In 1960, an affiliated organization, the Mothers of the Mclean Boys Club was formed, and coordinated a bowling league in the winter.


In 1963, the McLean Boys Club became an official branch of the Boys Club of Greater Washington through its Northern Virginia Extension Program. The Club operated through a Director, a part-time Program Director, and a volunteer Board of Directors.


In 1964, the “Mclean Community Directory” described the Club-“The Boys Club offers guidance and appropriate help to all boys impartially. With the mutual cooperation of parents and Boys’ Club directors, an atmosphere for the proper development of the youth of our community is available to all…”.


In 1970, the Club began promoting sports for both boys and girls. Over 1,100 children were now participating in sports offered by the Club. Local area merchants and civic clubs helped sponsor these programs. The Mothers


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Today, MYA serves as the umbrella organization for 9 fast growing sports programs – from volleyball, basketball and wrestling inside our local gyms to soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby  and flag football on our fields, as well as, track and cross country wherever there is a safe place to run. These programs involve over 5000 participants, 500 parent volunteers and they operate throughout the school year. What began as a focus on a few boys’ sports programs has become a boys and girls program available to children from kindergarten through high school. Many of the programs have experienced record enrollment including soccer with over 3,600 kids registered and basketball which has over 2,100 children playing in the MYA leagues in the winter. MYA leaves no child behind. All kids who register for any of the MYA sports are included on teams. All fields and gyms in our local schools are in full use by MYA whenever they are available.


The original goals of the McLean Boys' Club have been expanded over time to the current focus of MYA and its mission to:


Provide organized sports programs for all children in our community. Promote sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, competition, skill building, and fitness. Provide a safe and proper environment for these activities to take place


MYA and its predecessor began as a charitable non-profit organization. It was and continues to be a volunteer cooperative effort of the McLean community, dependent on interested adults to serve as Board members, coaches, referees & coordinators. Parent volunteers continue to be the foundation of this important McLean community organization, now in its 58th year focused on the healthy development of our children through athletic activities.


MYA operates through a volunteer Board of Directors. Each of our sport programs are represented on the Board together with 7 executive officers and up to12 other at-large members from the community.


One of the highlights of the year occurs in the spring with the selection of MYA scholarships for former MYA participants who are high school juniors or graduating seniors. These individuals are selected based upon their participation as players and student coaches and/or referees in MYA programs, as well as, their demonstrated commitment to the ideals and mission of MYA.


From 'McLean Providence Journal', February 19, 1960, page 1

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