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Field Initiative

In 2005, Fairfax County and the Park Authority purchased an easement on approximately 41 acres of land known as Salona Park for $16,050,000. The easement provides for various active and passive recreational purposes including two unlit natural grass rectangular fields, a playground and picnic area, and trails.


The opportunity to deliver two athletic playing fields to McLean was a key factor in the Board of Supervisors agreeing to purchase this very expensive property and McLean Youth Athletics supports the fulfillment of the original intent for the purchase of the easement.


The Fairfax County Park Authority developed a draft Master Plan for Salona Park in 2010, which included two unlit natural turf athletic fields in conjunction with other uses. That Master Plan is now in jeopardy as the Task Force is considering other alternative uses.


In November 2011 McLean youth organizations presented a plan for Salona Park to the Task Force that provided for multiple uses, active and passive, to serve the needs of the community at large while preserving the natural, historical and cultural aspects of the property. The implementation of this plan would address important valid concerns regarding traffic, safety and the environment, all of which are of concern no matter what uses are developed at Salona Park.


McLean youth organizations have experienced the permanent loss of 5 athletic fields over the past 3 years and 3 additional fields will be permanently lost in the coming year, all as a result of County construction projects. This has had a significant impact on our youth and accordingly McLean Youth Athletics ("MYA"), its Board and member organizations strongly support the inclusion of athletic fields as part of the overall plan at Salona Park.


MYA urges you to get involved make your voice heard so that the easement purchased in 2005 can finally be implemented for its intended uses and to meet the needs of our community.  Please see the links below for more information on this important effort.

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